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I am impressed by the comprehensive attention to detail and the points raised and accept the recommendations made. I will certainly recommend your services to anyone I find may be considering employing a surveyor."
Chris C an Engineer (General Condition Report on a 1970s bungalow)
  • Specialist in old property.
  • Expert in structural cracks.
  • Surveys for Buyers or Sellers, Owners or Investors.

  • Surveyor in Holmfirth & Huddersfield
  • Building Surveys in Brighouse & Elland

  • House Surveys in Halifax & Sowerby Bridge
  • Property Surveyors in Hebden Bridge & Ripponden

  • Buyers Surveys in Wakefield & Dewsbury
  • Structural Surveys in Mirfield & Cleckheaton

  • Building Defects in Pontefract & Normanton
  • Home Surveys in Barnsley

  • Local Surveyors in West Yorkshire
  • Independent Surveyors in South Yorkshire

Choosing a Surveyor

Chartered Valuation Surveyors are those who normally carry out mortgage valuations and general condition / home buyer type surveys.

Chartered Building Surveyors or Chartered Building Engineers may carry out general condition reports (level 2), but may also undertake building surveys and structural investigations (level 3 type reports).

The RICS rules require that any surveyor undertaking a level 3 type report must be able to show additional technical knowledge, experience and skills to be considered competent.

Independent Surveyors & Commissions

'Independent' can mean different things - it can mean that a surveyor is not tied to a bank nor estate agency. However, surveyors, independent or not, may pay a commission or an introducer's fee to certain companies to obtain work.

So, when obtaining fee quotes you may wish to ask if any introducer fees are paid or received, for how much, and who to.

Then you will know if your surveyor is fully independent or not.

Home Buyers v. Building Survey?

The home buyers type report was first introduced many years ago as a half way house between the short bank mortgage valuation and the building survey.

The main purpose of this general condition report was to flag up any existing problems, and then refer them on to others to follow up.

Whereas in a Building Survey, the surveyor is expected to work out what has gone wrong, why it has happened, and how to put it right - if the surveyor wants to pass these decisions on to others, then it cannot be a 'Building Survey'.

So when comparing fee quotes, you might also want to compare what type of report is being offered.

The Survey Report

This will be a product based on:

So you may wish to know more about the individual surveyor (however, this may not be possible if using a bank or a large national surveying company).

Computer Generated Reports

Many surveyors now use a CD-ROM with pre-typed standard phrases, for all parts and problems relating to the property. These are then cut and pasted into the main body of the report.

However, such standard texts could give rise to a misleading impression of the actual condition of a property.

Some surveyors (especially in banks or larger national companies) are instructed that they should only use these phrases.

Other surveyors just produce the report in their own words, which can be more relevant to the individual property, and more personal to the individual needs of the customer.

So you may wish to ask how the report will be compiled

Why choose Stansfield Surveying Ltd?

Because I am a local surveyor, and I provide individual reports for individual customers. You will also benefit from:

So if you require a knowledgeable & experienced surveyor then please contact me.

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